Reel1. Opening Title from "Luchadores -Fighting for a Dream"

Reel2. End Scene from "Luchadores -Fighting for a Dream"

Reel3. A Scene "Getting out of the hospital" from "Counting The Days" (AFI)

Reel4. Last Scene from "Counting The Days" (AFI)

Reel5. A Scene from "STOCK SHOCK"

Reel6. A Scene from "STOCK SHOCK"

Reel7. A Scene from "STOCK SHOCK"

Reel8. A Scene from "STOCK SHOCK"

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2007 17th Los Angeles Music Awards, �gAlways There�h was nominated in New Age/Ambient category

2010 the Short Film "The city where you can hear Thank You"
2009 the Documentary Film "STOCK SHOCK"
the Documentary Film "Luchadores -Fighting for a Dream"
2008 the Feature Film "The Ode"
2007 the Short Film "Counting The Days" (AFI)

2009 Emmaus Medical INC.

2011Documentary Channel "Luchadores -Fighting for a Dream" (scored by Tatsu) on air

KSCI-CH18 Japan America TV News (documentary) Saturday 8pm.

-DVD, Video-
2008 PetSmart charities video �gRescue Waggin�f�h
2007 Japan Foundation (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) DVD "Forest of the Words" and "KIMONO. Tea of Silk"

2009Star Reels (Music for Actor's Reels)

2005 Album "Always There"
2007 Album "Motherhood"

Messages sent to Tatsu

"You literally earned it. The music you created spoke for itself."
Marcus Barcroft - Former COO, Los Angeles Music Awards

"I also want to thank you for being so professional with the project. From the very beginning, you've shown to me an interest of being part of this project and willing to do anything to make it a success. Well, after hearing your music many times on my timeline, I am very proud to have selected you as the talented composer."
Hector Robles - Director, the film "Luchadores"

"Wow! I am listening to some of your music on your website and it's really nice! "always there" is a beautiful piece, and sounds very cinematic."
Ellis Burman - CEO, Burman Sound

"The music was great and we would like to bring it into editing. Thank you so much for your time and talent!!"
Sandra Mohr - Mohr Productions

"Our A&R team recently heard (and loved!) your music, especially "Always There," "Precious Time," "Thank U (Arigatou)" and "Fragile" and has asked me to personally invite you to join our music licensing service. "
Scott Ingerson - Artist Representative, Triple Scoop Music

" I like your music very much. It's really beautiful! "
Iri - Director, AQFF

For licensing, please contact me!

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